Batttlefords and Beyond….

Opps, looks like I confused a couple of people with my ever so slow updates, my apologies!
Actually I completed my Highway 16 ride and arrived at Portage and Main on schedule last Monday at 4:00!
But I still need to finish my day to day so here goes.

The hill up into Battleford was killer which wasn’t helped much by the massive head winds. I arrived west of town and was met by the Andersons, Linda, Malcolm and daughter Lindsey west of town they told me to follow them up the road into their place but I don’t think they realized how slow I was; so they had to wait a few dozen times. North Battleford Fire Dept met up with us and led the way in.


The Andersons treated me to delicious dinner a hot shower and a comfy bed, next morning a MS donation and a big breakfast and I was off to the fire hall to meet the NBFD crew for coffee before heading out with Chief Hendrick. My Jasper friends who have a place north of Saskatoon (Randy and Gail) had promised me a hot lunch somewhere around mid-day near Borden OR Langham. A few hours later I arrived in Borden in blowing snow and cold temperatures so I took refuge in the Model T Bar and Grill and waited for Randy and our Tail-gate lunch. Randy and Gail arrived and cooked up some chicken and pizza with Saskatoon Berry Pie and Ice Cream or desert, mmmm! I’m Not losing any weight on this trip, lol

Tail Gate Party

It snowed on and off for the rest of the day so the ride through Saskatoon was a bit hairy and shortly before Clavet I got a flat tire, which I fixed in my motel room. Next day and three more flats Randy and Gail showed up again with a hot lunch, this time home cooked Ukrainian with an ice cream cone for desert; Peanut Butter/Chocolate ice cream with a chocolate dipped wafer cone, mmmm still not losing any weight!
We decided to go back to Saskatoon and purchase me two new tires and tubes and thankfully the Saskatoon Kona dealer ‘Spoke and Sport’ had everything I needed and gave me a heck of a deal. Back on the highway and the final 40 k to Lanigan where I got a motel and a much need hot bath.

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