Not far from Lanigan Highway 16 takes an abrupt right turn in fact it heads straight south for about 8 km until the Hamlet of Dafoe then a sharp left sends the highway East again. My target for the day was Foam Lake 115k from Lanigan travelling south of the largest inland salt lakes in Canada, the Quill Lakes.
After a coffee, pie and ice cream pit-stop at the Dafoe truck stop I pointed my fat tires East again and into the familiar head wind.

A few clicks up the road I passed by Kandahar which apparently once was a thriving community with a famous steak house, school, hospital etc. Today Kandahar is a tiny Hamlet with about 7 residences and some old derelict buildings I was intrigued by the name so I looked it up; Kandahar was named by the CPR at the turn of the century for a British military victory in Kandahar, Afghanistan.


Next stop was Foam Lake, Home of NHL’er Bernie Ferdorko; no one was at the Fire Hall and only one motel in town so it was a quite night and an early start to a 95 km ride to Yorkton in the morning.
Foam Lake

Yorkton Fire Dept had offered to host me and about 10k out I was met by Fire Command and shortly after by a couple of engine crews that escorted me into the city of Yorkton to the nicest Fire station on Highway 16.The fire crew set me up with a dorm room, shower and a huge steak bbq then a tour of the station and equipment.

Yorkton FD

Yorkton Fire Station

The next morning (FRESH SNOW) Chief Trevor and Deputy Chief Greg treated me to the best breakfast on Highway 16; Ukrainian style; cabbage rolls, pyrogies, eggs, bacon, kobasa, toast and Coffee and the Firefighters Association presented endms93 with a large donation. Thank you Yorkton!

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