My Cycle Route

Route 93 end to end, route itinerary

(All dates, places and milepost are subject to change)

April 22-Wickenburg to Wikieup

April 23-Wikieup to Kingman

April 25-Kingman to Boulder City

April 26-Boulder to Las Vegas

April 28-Las Vegas to Alamo

Pioche, Nevada

Pioche, Nevada (Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn)

April 29-Alamo to Pioche

April 30-Pioche to Ely

May 1-Ely to Currie

May 2-Currie to Jackpot

May 4-Jackpot to Shoshone

May 5-Shoshone to MacKay

May 6-MacKay to Salmon

May 7-Salmon to Darby

May 8-Darby to Missoula

May 9-Missoula to Whitefish

May 10-Whitefish to Jaffray

May 12-Jaffray to Radium Hot Springs

May 13-Radium to Lake Louise

May 14-Lake Louise to Hilda Creek

May 15-Hilda Creek to Jasper

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