Whats this all about?

Route 93 ‘end to end’ to End MS

My name is Greg Van Tighem, the Fire Chief in Jasper Alberta, a born again Biker and an MS Society Ambassador, a top fundraiser in the Hinton MS Bike Tour and I am on a mission to help End MS.

In the past 7 years I have raised over $145,000.00 through numerous fundraiser initiatives such as, barbeques, carwashes, e-mail campaigns, farmers markets, bottle drives, raffles, auctions etc

But now it’s time to kick it up a notch,,,


The ride commences on April 22th  in Wickenburg, it will be a solo, unsupported cycling trip (my Mom says I am crazy)I will be soliciting donations to the MS Society before during and after, any pledges/funds received will go 100% to the MS society. (I buy my own food and beer). I will be peddling my bicycle some 3,000 km from Wickenburg Arizona to Jasper Alberta all in support of those living and dealing with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis.  Jasper (my hometown) is physically connected to Wickenburg Arizona USA via Highway 93. Jasper is the northernmost point of Highway 93 and Wickenburg marks the southernmost point. Along the way I will be visiting and networking with Fire Departments, Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, MS Society offices, local newspapers, fellow bikers etc. I will be documenting this amazing journey on Facebook and Twitter and will be maintaining a detailed travel blog and photo-journal and Video blog. (www.endms93.com)


I am soliciting for  tax deductible donations and actively seeking sponsorships for some of the major expenses  and to-date have Tourism Jasper as the major promoter, WestJet airlines as the flight sponsor,  Wild Mountain (the North Face) donated an awesome tent and sleeping bag, Jasper Motorcycle Tours, Mitch at Tekarra Color Lab providing graphic design talents and Freewheel Cycle Jasper just donated a Kona Sutra touring bike (my road bike won’t cut it), my friend Johnny Mac is providing Optic Nerve sunglasses, the Jasper Brewing Company providing IPA, t-shirts and over the bar counselling sessions etc.


There are a few objectives for this crazy journey, first to raise funds and awareness for the MS Society and to assist Wickenburg Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Jasper in promoting Route/Highway 93 as a destination vacation journey by car, motorcycle, bicycle. There are a couple of other objectives I will pursue, such as to visit with as many Fire Departments and Rotary clubs as possible, to find the best micro-brewery’s IPA and best comfort food restaurant on Route 93, to ride my bike down the Vegas strip, to play an Old-Boys Rugby match at the Missoula Maggot fest (we won it in 83), to have beer and peanuts at Moose’s Saloon in Whitefish (for old times’ sake) also to learn as much as possible about the people, local history and attractions along the way (and blog about it). Oh,,,  and also to avoid getting a flat tire (ha ha) avoid being hit by a truck, avoid running out of water in the desert, avoid getting major sunburn (in the desert) and last but not least avoid being bitten by a poisonous snake (don’t like them).


I am doing this because I am fairly healthy right now (but I could use a bit of exercise) and also because my many friends who suffer from MS are in need of a cure very soon so they can enjoy a healthy life like you and me take for granted, and I really think it’s time for a world free of MS! (MS Sucks)

I do it because my friend Luigi has told me of are reoccurring dream he has, he dreams he can walk, he wakes up feeling positive and energetic and truly believing that he can walk again, but when he tries to swing his legs off the bed to get up he can’t move, then reality sets in, the hopeless feeling comes back and washes away the euphoria of his dream, the hopeless feeling he has lived with for the past 20 years since being diagnosed with MS.

I do it because researchers are at the cusp of finding a cure and they need funding to continue.

I do it because MS is a terrible condition, people inflicted with MS start life just like you and me, until they receive the horrible diagnosis.

I do it because the people living and dealing with MS every single day require support and resources to ease their pain and suffering.

I am doing this to help spread Hope!


First off I want to say this is not all about raising money, this is also about raising awareness. Yes I am trying to raise $93,000.00 but just as important I want to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis. The more people with an understanding of the challenges faced by people dealing with MS, the sooner we will have a cure.

I am not only looking for people who will sponsor this journey but also folks who will help spread the word by circulating my info amongst their many contacts. It is extremely important the news of my adventure reach as many people as possible so please help me out and spread the word

Anyone can contact me anytime for more info and in the mean time I will keep planning, training and working on the web-page.


Thanks very much for your support, until there is a cure help me provide HOPE!

Let’s do this!


14 responses to “Whats this all about?

  1. Your the best Greg! Thanks for all you do! If you need Jasper Motorcycle Tours to meet u on your way back in to town, let us know! Would be happy to be a part of this!

    • Ha ha, hopefully there is no snow on the Parkway when I return, or I might need to borrow a set of leathers from Jasper Motorcycle Tours, lol

    • Thanks Cynthia, I appreciate your support and the more people that follow me the better. I apologize for the lack of action on the blog but I promise I will be much more active when I start the ride. We will find a cure for you, in the meantime remember to smile lots, don’t worry about things you don’t have any control over and above all don’t lose hope!
      All the best to you and your family.

  2. YOU are my hero Greg! I am very happy and proud to know you and will be following you along your journey. The ride will be a wonderful experience for you and a great way to put MS out there and get awareness. Looking forward to a day without MS. Good Luck my friend. Cheers

    • Suzanne,
      No,,,your my hero, lol
      Thanks for all you do for the MS Society, bike tour etc, you are a true ambassador.

  3. WOW Greg, very cool!!! Didn’t really know until now exactly what you were doing….VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! Good luck and safe travels!!!

  4. Karen Phillips just sent me this link. I didn’t realize how much you have done already to help fund a cure for MS. What a journey you’re going to have! It’s beautiful country. I’ll be following along.
    Judy Taylor-Atkinson

  5. Hi Greg.My name is Mickey Finn and I met you at the Love’s fuel stop at the crossing of I15 and 93.I’m the biker buddy with the helmet on.It’s amassing what your doing.Your a man with a lot of hart.Ride safe.Mickey.

  6. Thanks Mickey, it was great meeting you guys, and thanks for contributing to the cause. It,s meeting people like you that keep me going!

  7. Thank you for the touque passed on from brother BVT, sorry to have missed you, thanks for all you are doing for raising awarness for MS. Keep strong!

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