Crossing the Border

Vermillion to Saskatchewan:
Investors Group donation
After a great nights sleep at Lakeland Colleges historic Alumni House, I was off early for a healthy A&W breakfast with my old friend Dale Myggland who drove down from Wainwright. Leaving Vermilion I was treated to a west wind, which was a very nice bonus. A few miles outside of Lloyd I met up eith Fire Chief Tod Gustofson and ex Jasperitte Doug Rodwell and his son Wyatt, who escorted me into the Alberta side of town for lunch. I had a media session at the Lloydminster Hope Statue with Johanna and some local MS folks scheduled for 1:30 so it was a quick lunch. When I arrived at the statue I was surprised to see a large crowd and met Myles Schiller from Investors Group who presented me with a backpack full of sports drink and energy bars along with the single largest donation yet received on Highway 16, Thank You very much Myles and Investors Group!
After a few presentations and media interviews I was introduced to a very special young man; 8year old Nicholas who is raising money for the MS Society by selling MS Bracelets he makes himself; young Nicks goal fundraising is $1,000.00 Wow! We figured out that if he kept fundraising every year, by the time he reached my age he will have raised one million for the MS Society! Great work Nicholas, keep it up! After the presentations ended I was escorted out of town by the Fire Department and headed to Lashborn where I was picked up by Doug and brought back to Lloyd for dinner with some MS Society staff and clients and an evening at the Rodwell home. First thing next morning Doug ran me back out past Lashborn and I began the ride to North Battleford and an overnight visit with the Andersons, Malcolm, Linda and Lindsey.
frozen fat bike

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