Blue sky’s, short day!

I got off to a late start from McBride, good thing it was a short day, not sure if it was the soft bed or the rum but I slept-in and woke to a large breakfast with Ed, Caroline, Shirley, Brian and Eileen. First stop after leaving the (2many) Beavers Ranch was the McBride Fire Hall for a photo then off into the blue sky and clear highway.

Not long after I was met by Bob Milligan and Janice Walker and invited to lunch at their home just past Dunster, I couldn’t say no. Two hours later I arrived and was treated to a Panini sandwich and a good but short visit as I had to make Tete Jaune Cache by 6:00 to meet my next hosts the Wolseys. I arrived to an amazing dinner, desert and a couple of New Belgium beers and some great conversation on cycle touring, hiking skiing etc with Barb and Ian.

The next morning Barb served up a healthy breakfast and I was off on the home stretch to Jasper to finish off stage 1 of my endms93 highway 16 adventure, of course it was snowing again, lol

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