Entering no-mans land!

Prince George to McBride is over 200 km’s and in March there really isn’t any populated stops in between. Which means either a really long bike ride, a night sleeping under a tree or I needed someone to pick me up half way and then bring me back the next morning. Thankfully Brian Wallace of the Beaver River Ranch stepped up to plate.
After a brief meeting, photo session and Twitter lesson with the very talented and upbeat Sufey Chen (http://sufey.org/) from Tourism PG. I then hit the road or should I say climbed the hill to exit Prince George for McBride. A short distance out of the city in flash blizzard I was met by Dave from CKPG TV for a television interview,
Big thanks to Dave and Sufey for helping raise awareness for endms93.
Light snow then light rain were replaced with blue skis and sunshine 40k out of PG, 115k later I was picked up By Brian Wallace and Eileen MacDonald and whisked off to the Beaver River Ranch for an excellent dinner and some great hospitality. Brian cooked up a big breakfast first thing the next morning and drove me back towards PG to set off once again for McBride.

At about 1:00 and 50k west of McBride I was pulled over by two of Jaspers finest, Su Young Leslie and Deb Bottomley who treated me to a roadside feast of elk stew, coffee, apple crisp and cookies, thanks girls.
Shortly before 6 o’clock I finally arrived in McBride at the home of Ed and Carolyn Dutchoslav and again was treated to a feast, this time baked salmon and a couple of Mile Zero IPA; courtesy of Shirley Dorin.

Next stop Tete Jaun Cache.

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