Lake Louise to Hilda Hostel

After a great night at the Mountaineer Lodge, I realized I need to have booked the Hilda Creek Hostel 48 hours in advance, opps. After sweet talking Jane at central reservations she agreed to book me in and provided me with the door code, this looked after I headed north on the most beautiful section of Highway 93 The Ice-fields Parkway. The day started out overcast but the sun soon came out and it turned into an awesome late afternoon ride through the Rocky Mountains. The final hour of the day was spent climbing the dreaded Big Bend hill to Parkers Ridge. I arrived at the roadside trail into the hostel at 7:30 and set off to hike and push my bike the final 500 meters to the Hilda cook shack,,,not!
For anyone that has been to Hilda Creek Hostel you are aware of the amount of snow that area receives and in mid to late May the snow starts to melt and the ski trail in

ski trail from Hell

ski trail from Hell

to the buildings starts to lose its integrity. What followed was two hour of hell! I could not take a step with breaking through the fragile top crust and immediately sinking to my waist in snow I ended up stashing my bike and bag in the bush and crawling through the snow all the way to the Hostel! By the time I arrived at the building all my clothes were soaking wet and my feet legs and hands were freezing numb.
Not fun!and imagine just a few days ago was riding through the desert!!!

Trail to the Cook shack

Trail to the Cook shack

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