Yesterday was scheduled as Jaffray to Radium. I started out south of Jaffray at the 3-93 Dairy Bar and my bro Bernie forced me to eat another awesome ice cream cone! I was greeted in Jaffray and officially escorted in by fire command, given a tour of the station and a huge donation, wow! Thank you Jaffray Fire!
Next stop Wasa Lake for a quick sleep then Fairmont Hot SpringS campground for brunch with the Patry’s! Then off to Invermere, to check out the local brewery and fire hall, unfortunately the brewery was closed and a big storm front was moving in do I moved on to reach Radium. Jumped in the hot springs then headed up this dreaded Radium hill to stealth camp for the night ! It rained most of the night so I slept in a bit and headed out at 8:30 and it kept raining for the next 7 ish hours until I reached Lake Louise with a front tire issue which was fixed promptly and freely by the great folks at Wilson Mountain Sports! My bike mechanic was (Jay Hootes cousin) cool! Thanks to the. Hospitality of Vicky and Chad Gullavitch at the Mountaineer Lodge Im now enjoying Lake Louise best hotel The mountaineer! Nice!

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