Hilda Creek to Jasper

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Columbia Ice-Fields Centre

Columbia Ice-Fields Centre

After a terrible sleep due to a busy critter living in the attic space I awoke early to make it to the highway before the top crust on the trail warmed up, (I had planned to sleep-in in order arrive in Jasper at the 4:00 designated time).
First stop was to the Ice-fields Center where I enjoyed a cup of coffee (4.25 cents) thanks to my friend Scott Wilson who just happened to be doing a concrete job there. I stopped at the Sunwapta Falls Resort and had a visit and some lunch courtesy of Stewart Heckley, I was still running early so took my time to the Goat Lick where I met Mike, Shirley and Andy and my camera man Dave, next thing the crew from Jasper Motorcycle Tours showed up to say hello and as it turned out to escort me back home. Next crew Libbie,George and Janka and my Ely Nevada friends the Lake Edith McLeans (wow) next we were joined by the Jasper Park Lodge Fire crew and Engine 4 then we began to pick up groups of my cycling friends, including the Rockhoppers MS Bike Team as well as two more JVBB fire trucks an ambulance and a couple of RCMP cars By the time we hit Highway 16 we must have had at least 50 cyclists etc. When we approached the Mile Zero cairn the Mayor Rich Ireland met me and congratulated me.
My lovely Daughter Emily.

My lovely Daughter Emily.


The whole procession carried on down main street to the Big Rock and what a surprise I had there, over two hundred Jasper people, music etc etc. The Mayor welcomed me home, Geke Duncan from the Hinton MS office spoke and then it was my turn, needles to say it was a bit overwhelming, I didn’t expect such a welcoming, The town of Jasper is an incredible community full of incredible people and they proved it with this amazing welcome home.

Fitzhughh photo

Fitzhughh photo

Next stop was to the Jasper Brewing Company to hoist a pint of the special edition Mile Zero IPA and it is a good one, no it is a great one, double hopped greatness brewed with love and skill by Brew Master Dave! Best IPA on Route 93!

Thank you to one and all!

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