Hinton Fatties

First day of Stage 2; Jasper to Winnipeg, started out at 10 am at the Jasper Fire Hall with $500.00 donation and a ride out from Dave Neilson of the Jasper Lions Club. 10 k out; my first flat and guess what, my spare tube did not work out (wrong valve) so I called Derek at Freewheel who found a Surly in his pack, then I called my son who delivered it. It was a bit of a wait but it was also a beautiful day,
A-long time later at the Overlander Hill I was met by some fellow Fatties (and Rockhoppers) from Hinton, ,Sandra and Paul Pelly , Mike and Braydon Langford and closer to Hinton a group from the Hinton Bike Club including Christopher Read, closer yet we were met by a Hinton FD Engine and a bunch more bikers.
We arrived a the Parkland Mall to a great reception by the Rotary Club who where hosting a BBQ which raised almost $1,400.00 WOW. (thankyou)
The Hinton Fire Department hosted a Lasagna dinner (best on Highway 16 so far) and then put up with an hour of my slide shows. Thank you Hinton for your hospitality!
Woke up to a snow storm and freezing temps. yikes….
Stay tuned.

One response to “Hinton Fatties

  1. A flat already!?! I’m glad Derek at Freewheel helped you out and your son came to your rescue. Great job by the Rotary Club and the Hinton Fire Department!!!

    “Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

    Stay warm and Safe Travels!

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