Prince to Prince

Today I made Prince George which means I am the first to ride the famous ‘Prince to Prince’ route on a Fat Bike, and in only 6 days, most likely a new world record.
I left Vanderhoof at 9:30 after breakfast with Chief Pacheco, it was a frosty morning but the sky was blue and road was calling. 100 km and 6.5 hours later I arrived in Prince George to take part in their national sport, motorists splashing cyclists, (I lost)
After meeting the station crew at PG Fire number one and completing the required bike cleaning , repairs and gear sorting Chief Iverson took for an awesome dinner. We got back to the station to discover that the crew had made me up a cozy bed including a Teddy Bear, nice touch!
Tomorrow I have a media session bright and early then I am on the road again and entering no-mans land, 265 km of nothing, no human life forms or structures to be found, not sure where I will be sleeping but plan A is a pick up from McBride, plan B is to sleep under a tree and tough it our ‘Crazy Larry’ style.
We shall see what happens, either way I likely wont have internet access for a couple of days.

One response to “Prince to Prince

  1. hats to your courage, Chief. You are really courageous. I wish, I could do the same – may be to a lesser scale.

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