Day 6, 7.

I have had a couple of days with limited Wi-Fi.
Earlier I had hoped to make Telkwa to visit ex-Jasperitte and fishing guide Lorne Currie and his wife Brenda but I only made Smithers by dark so I checked in at the Fire Hall (thank you Kelly and Keith)
Unfortunately next morning the valley was fogged in. 1939442_600661876679553_197522513_n


I tried a couple of times to get out of town but it wasn’t safe to be on the road with minimal visibility. I was offered a ride from fire command up to Hungry Hill and out of the fog,,,, but into the rain.

Next was 6 mile Hill and then it was supposed to be all downhill to Burns Lake, BLOG10

5 soggy hours later I met up with Burns Lake Fire Chief Jim McBride 3k from town and eagerly accepted a ride, a warm fire hall and some warm dry clothes. Jim is also a friend of my brother Bernie’s and a Rotarian and to my surprize we were joined by my old friend and co-worker from JPL Garth Schiebein and by Burns Lake Rotary President Sandy Dore and Laura Blackwell the Publisher of the Lake district News (also a Rotarian) who collectively presented me with a cheque for $500.00 to the MS Society. Thank you so much!BLOG13

I knew that Burns Lake to Vanderhoff would be a long day but I didn’t expect the conditions to be so bad; looked good at first; blue skies and sunshine which started melting all the snow and ice on the road shoulder, creating streams, rivers and small lakes on the side of the highway, resulting in a very wet day for gvt;
If I wasn’t getting splashed by passing vehicles it was that I was being forced to ride through the large puddles and soaking myself.
Thank God for the North Face clothing from Wild Mountain Jasper or I would have been in big trouble, as it was I stopped at Frazer Lake Fire hall and borrowed their dryer to dry my pants and boots. BLOG12
I arrived at Vanderhoof in time for dinner with Chief Pacheco and some great networking etc,
Tonight I’m sleeping on the couch at the fire hall and up early to head on to Prince George.

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