Mile Zero IPA

Mile Zero IPA
Lovers of micro beers will agree that a true IPA is an acquired taste, once acquired however; it may be difficult to go back to domestics. There are a number of variables, but two distinct factors differentiate a true IPA from domestic beers, Alcohol Per Volume (APV) much higher in an IPA and Imperial Bittering Units (IBU) again much higher in a IPA, giving it a distinctly bitter (hoppy) flavor and after taste. A Double IPA (Mile Zero) is essentially a super charged extra hoppy IPA.
Brew #657 Jasper Brewing Company’s second 830 litre batch of Mile Zero IIPA is pure brilliance, achieved by skillful blending of Falconers Flight, Liberty and Amarillo Hops as well as the precise amount of Canada Malting Company Baird Malts coupled with the skill, experience and love of the brewers. Mile Zero bottles at 78 IBU with a 7.1 APV.
Mile Zero IPA was named in recognition of the ‘endms93 project’, Greg Van Tighems solo cycling journey from Wickenburg Arizona (south end of Highway 93) to Jasper Alberta (Mile Zero of Highway 93) all for the purpose of raising funds and awareness for folks living and dealing with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis. $5.00 from every 22 oz bottle sold will go towards Greg’s endms93 mission to raise $93,000.00 for MS.
(Available in Jasper and Banff)
Mile Zero IPA (Double IPA) was lovingly brewed at the Jasper Brewing Company, labeled and bottled at the Banff Avenue Brewing Company and sponsored by Canada Malting.
It has been said that the ability to successfully brew quality IPA is more art than science, this being the case, Mile Zero is the Mona Lisa of the brewery. Mile Zero IIPA is full-bodied brilliance, you don’t want to miss this!

The Brewers

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