Jasper/Hinton Beer League All-Stars

All-Star Roster
After an extensive scouting and research process the final roster for the “Hockey Night in Jasper” Jasper/Hinton League All-Star Team has been finalized.
Head Coach Brian Hill says that these young hockey hopefuls all have something in common, “each and everyone of the athletes selected to represent Jasper and Hinton in this amazing sporting event have an extremely high skill level, in fact (in their own minds) they all could have made it to the NHL” Coach Hill went on to say that he is very happy with the well-rounded roster the regional scouts has handed him and he looks forward to an intense, action packed match up on Saturday night at the Jasper Arena. Coach Hills says the goaltender selection is still on-going.
The final player roster is as follows:
Alex Derksen, Seth Carlyle, Jamie Black, Brad Kopp, Jeremy Journault, Terry Lepage, Rob Olson, Brian Groth, Royd Irwin, Justin Melnyk, David Miller, Kevin Russell, Joe Hill, Colleen Olson, Taylor Van Tighem, Ryan Minich, Jake Derksen, Marc Leblanc and David Miller.

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