Flathead Lake – Lakeside

Route 93 follows the west shore of Flathead lake, they call it Flathead Valley but so far I haven’t seen anything flat about it! The road winds around the contour or the lake shore and is continually climbing and dropping like a giant roller coaster with beautiful views of the lake , distant snow-capped mountains and as I found out; unpredictable weather.
imageI awoke to the most brilliant sunrise over the lake, as I headed north up route 93 towards Lakeside the sky was clear and then I heard thunder behind me; looked back to see huge dark clouds sneaking up behind me. I put on my rain gear and continued on in a light rain, as I neared Rollins lightning struck behind me and moments later thunder that scared the (@&$) out me, immediately the road was pelted with hail then a torrential downpour took over. To my relief I eventually made it to Rollins and took cover under the porch of the gas station store! Julie Gay and the good folks took me in, provided hot coffee, water and even made a donation and gave me a safest green Rollind Fire Department hat! (Again I meet nice people)
An hour later I was back on the road again: arrived at Lanny MacDonalds Tamarack brewing company just as the doors opened for lunch. Had the IPA beer battered chicken tenders/awesome!



3 responses to “Flathead Lake – Lakeside

  1. You say you always meet nice people, but what you are doing for people living with Multiple Sclerosis like my wife you are an amazing person. Thank you for all you do.

    • Thank you Larry.
      Please give my best wishes to your wife, and a big hug Too!
      I really hope we find a cure very soon!

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