Route 66 Kingman

Today was a tough one, not going to lie,,, started early from Wikieup and had brutal headwinds for the first 12 miles, also had to deal with narrow and sometimes no shoulders. Twice I had to hump my bike up the opposite side of the road in the bush to avoid being clipped by a vehicle, a good Samaritan offered my a bottle of water and ride out of death canyon (as he called it) I accepted both.

It wasn’t all pain though,  I saw some amazing countryside,  lots of unidentifiable birds, three million mesquite trees in bloom, three dead snakes (one skinned?) 4 dead coyotes, one dead skunk and had a coffee and a donut at Dunken-Donuts yummy,,

I met  power line worker and his wife has MS so we had a good chat and before I left he donated 60. dollars and told me to find a cure so she could get better.

And the good news is that I am going to be re-united with my I-pod that I apparently left at the airport (lol) thanks George!!

Not bike friendly!

Not bike friendly!


3 responses to “Kingman

  1. Hahaha what arent I surprised about you forgetting your ipod to the airport? lol
    Be careful on that crazy road!!!

  2. Crazy how such a horrible thing like MS can help you meet some amazing people! Sounds like an interesting journey so far, keep up the great work!!


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