imageLeft Wickenburg at 9:30 after a send off ceremony provided by Julie and the Chamber staff. The Mayor spoke on the sister city relationship with Jasper and presented me with a key to the city! I spoke on behalf of Jasper and Mayor Ireland and presented gifts from Jasper. The fire and police departments escorted me out of town and away I went!

Route 93 is not much of a bike route, lots of gravel and metro bits obj the shoulder, for the most part the shoulders are wide enough but there were times that it was less the 2 inches and times when bushes grew out almost to the driving and. Stopped at Nothing that’s the name of an abandoned townsite, I asked a lady to take my picture and it turns out she is a Boston doctor and does clinical rehashed h for Ms, she is working on a cure and had lots of positive comments on their progress! Lots of hill climbing today and the average temperature was 104 degrees, wouldn’t you know it; even a bit of headwind too. I met a rancher and his wife at the faces at theHidden Oasis RV Park in Wikieup ,old me rattle snake stories for over an hour and the offered me his motor home rot sleep in! I just might take him up on that offer, lol

Big thank you to the Wickenburg Fire Department for hosting me!


7 responses to “Wikieup

  1. Way to go Greg!!! Will watch you comments all the way.
    Your Calgary airport buddy — Greg

    • Hello Greg,
      Guess what, I left my I-pad on the plane in Phoenix, you should have grabbed it for me, lol
      The airport is shipping it to me know,
      Finished day two and loving it.
      Take care and spread the word,

      • You should have let me know & I could have picked it up & couriered it to you.
        Keep on truckin!!

    • I am in Kingman now had a tough one today, high winds and rough roads, but nothing compared to what you deal with, I’m sure.
      Tomorrow I meet with the Kingman National MS people and speak at a Rotary meeting. On my way to Boulder city after that!
      All the best to you,,,

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