Getting started


Well folks its time to get this show on the road, the Dempster Highway.

I left Jasper on Wednesday morning, arrived at the Nisku Fire Department ‘Park and Fly’ at 12:30 and was met by DC Alan Weiss who promptly had my truck valet parked in the training grounds then drove me and all my gear to the airport right on time for my Air North departure to Whitehorse, unfortunately for me my bike box would not fit in the x-ray machine so the nice attendant had me remove 4 miles of duct tape, open the box and take my bike out piece by piece so that she could inspect the contents. By the time that was done I almost missed my flight.

Whitehorse Fire Station

Whitehorse Fire Station

I arrived in Whitehorse and Fire Chief Kevin had sent his boss; City Manager, Christine to pick me up and bring me to station two, with out a doubt the nicest Fire Station I have been in to date, (sorry Yorkton). Kevin gave me the grand tour and I had a sneak peek at their brand new Smeal Recue Pumper,. My nephew Graham and his 4 year old son  (future firefighter) Cole picked me up and off we went to his amazing house in the woods 10k from Whitehorse where his partner Michelle treated me to an amazing meal and even better entertainment supplied by Cole and Molly.

Graham and I spent the better part of the next day trying to get my In-Reach tracking device working to no avail, so his friend Frank loaned me his sat-phone: just in case. (Thanks Frank)

Dawson City Deputy Buffalo Taylor

Dawson City Deputy
Buffalo Taylor

This morning thanks to the generosity of Air North I had a quick 2 hour trip to Dawson City where I was met by the legendary Buffalo Taylor, Deputy Chief and Air North key-man, arrived at the Dawson City Fire Hall and met by FF Liz and Captain Henry who showed me their hall, apparatus and the Dawson City Fire Museum, amazing collection of antique fire apparatus and equipment including two turn of the century Steam units, wow.

Downtown Hotel Home of the Sour-Toe

Downtown Hotel
Home of the Sour-Toe

I spent the next couple of hours putting the Kona back together and arranging my gear, food etc. Then I called the In-reach Delorme tech line and 4 hours later my Satellite tracking device was finally working! Mayor Wayne Potoroka (Joe Urie’s buddy) stopped in to make sure I had everything I needed, and offered more. All good, so I headed to the Downtown Hotel for a Sour Toe Cocktail and a ‘BALT’ Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato Sour Dough Sandwich and then off to the ‘Pit’ for an Yukon Brewery IPA nightcap.

Historic Building Dawson City

Historic Building
Dawson City

Early start tomorrow, its 40k to the Klondike Corner; beginning of the Dempster Highway then I hope to do at least 40 more before pitching the tent for the night.

From this point on there will be very little internet or cell coverage but stay tuned to my endms93 face-book page for periodic updates while I am on the Dempster.

Tried the Delorme device again and ,,,,,not working!! ahhrgg!

Thanks again Frank for the Satellite Phone!

Stay tuned……

3 responses to “Getting started

  1. Safe journey Greg. What a great adventure will keep tracking your trip. Greg you are a true ambassador for our fight to eradicate MS
    Jack Almond
    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Good luck Greg. I look forward to following this great endeavour of yours for a cure for MS

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