Cold Water Callenge

Cold Water Challenge

Cold Water Challenge

There is a new craze going around on YouTube and Facebook lately, its called the Cold Water Challenge, similar to a Polar Bear dip it involves getting wet and getting cold. I’m not sure how this latest version actually originated but it involves Firefighters challenging Firefighters to take the wet cold dip of their choice all in the name of their own charities. Most seem to go with a good soaking by a fire hose, others a bucket of cold ice water dumped over their heads and a few have got creative such as Fire Chief Mac and his drop of water in a dram of single malt scotch Whisky.
I was challenge the other day by my friend and fellow firefighter Chance Straty from Myrnam Alberta Fire Department.
The way it works is once you are challenged, you are obligated to soak yourself in cold water by whatever method you can think of, pick a charity and make a minimum $25 pledge, video it and post it on Facebook with a reciprocal challenge to at least 3 other Fire fighters, then they have 24 hours to do the same. If you don’t comply within the 24 hours it will cost you $100. to your charity.
My charity of choice was the MS Society of Canada specifically endms93, and my idea for a great cold soaking was to attempt to ride my fat bike across the coldest lake in Jasper National Park, (video attached) check it out!

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