Edmonton and Mundare

yellowhead 5
After leaving my friend Art Erickson’s Wabumun home I was met under the giant Dragon Fly by Masters Cycling champ Jack Almond.

Wabumun Dragon Fly

Wabumun Dragon Fly

Jack set the pace to Spruce Grove where we were joined by fellow Hinton MS Bike Tour participant And Real Estate tycoon Travis Hawryluk who bought us all a healthy lunch at A&W.

We were to meet CTV, Global, Edmonton Fire Rescue and Alex Stieda and my Niece Colleen and a few of Art’s Jeep club buddies at the edge of the city at 3 o’clock.

Alex Stieda

Alex Stieda

I guess Jack set to fast a pace as we were over an hour early! After a few interviews and some greetings and visiting the 4 of us headed up the Yellowhead to Station 10 with a FD escort, unfortunately Colleens van wouldn’t start so she had to meet us later. Jay Davies and the crew at Station 10 prepared an amazing Jambalaya diner.

Station 10

Station 10

Colleen picked me up at 6:30 am and delivered me to the CTV station then to the east end in a snow storm to head to Mundare. 5.5 hours later I arrived in Mundare but not before I was pulled over by St Paul Fire Command (Trevor) and presented with a donation roadside; Thanks Trevor and the crew
Cold Lake FD
Mundare Chief Glenda Dales had offered me three accommodation option; stay at the home of one of her fire fighter, stay at the Fire Station or stay at the “Lodge” which was managed by another of her fire fighters, Assuming that the Lodge was a motel and thinking it would be the simplist option I choose the Lodge, after touring town for 45 minutes and not finding it I asked a local who indicated that the a Lodge was the Seniors Manor!!
Mundare Lodge
Glenda picked me up for a photo shoot and News interview at the Giant Sausage then we went to the Fire a Station for a top notch steak BBQ with a slide show by yours truly!

Next morning I met with the nice folks at Stawnichy Meat Processing and was presented with a couple of cash donations and a few other tasty goodies etc.
Mrs Stawnichy
Then it was back on the road for a meeting with the staff and students of the EST program at Lakeland College, a visit to the Legion for the famous steak night and a great visit with a bunch of folks from the Fire School that I hadn’t seen for a long time!!

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  1. Keep on riding strong Greg. Hope the Saskatchewan leg is going well. I know saskatchwanites have very good hospitality but don’t get to hooked on the Green Safeway Symbol. It’s not about food it’s all about drinking and wearing watermelons on your head. Have some warm days, Jack and Gail

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