Wind Tunnel

Any day on a bike is a good day.
Today was exceptional, started out with a ride over the summit down to the flats with Prince Rupert Fire Command, and then the fun began, wind-fun that is. I rode about 50 k along the Skeena river flats in the most incredible headwind, I have never experienced such strong gusts, I averaged 8k per hour the wind averaged 60, but I sucked it up and enjoyed every minute of it. My motto was if I cant change it go with it and make the best of it.
Then the hills began, and a few sketchy parts where the CN Mainline seemed to be part of the highway,
But the Kona Wo performed flawlessly and I eventually made it to Terrace by 5ish in time for a quick Ice Cream Cone. No luck find an IPA.

And a visit to the fire hall to meet some of the crew.

Next on the agenda was a steak dinner with Maurie and a much need soak in the bath, tomorrow I am up early to meet with the folks from CBC TV then a coffee with the Fire Chief and an interview with the newspaper then I have to make fat tracks for Hazleton. Cheers!

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