Kingman to Henderson

On the road to the Hoover Dam

Said farewell to my Hosts Marlene and Tim at 7:00 am and started up 93 to Boulder City.

It was actually cold at 7;00 I had to wear a jacket until about 9:00.

Route 93 north of Kingman is much more bicycle friendly, 4 lane divided and nice wide shoulders all the  way to the Hoover Dam.

This apparently is not a good stretch of road to be a rabbit on though, I counted over 20 road killed bunnies before the Dam,

I also added two more snakes and 4 coyotes to my list (and a million grasshoppers).

There is a 10 mile uphill stretch leading t the dam but fortunately it is not to bad and interspersed with a good bit of downhill, unfortunately on one of the down hills I lost my Optic Nerve sunglasses.

looking down on the Hoover Dam

The road to Boulder from the dam was hot and windy and the last three miles is all up hill, but at the end of the

hill was an ice cold beer at the Boulder Dam Brewing Co. (not an IPA) with Brew master and Rotarian Todd.

Boulder is a great little town,  full of antique stores and cool little cafes and,,,,, gambling is not allowed.

There are allot of very active seniors (volunteers) in Boulder City, including the lady who helped me at the Chamber and these crossing guards,

crossing gaurds

Next stop was the fire hall and  a visit with the Chief and fellow Rotarian Kevin Nicholson.


Tomorrow I am cycling to Vegas ,,,,,,,,

2 responses to “Kingman to Henderson

  1. Love your posts Greg! You’re doing great! Hope you’re keeping a tally of all the roadkill you see…It would be interesting at the end of the trip to see the totals. Marv is no so impressed with the amount of snakes though. Hopefully paths will collide as we make our way down on the 3rd/4th. Happy Trails!

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