Ten days out,,,,


Just 10 more sleeps until the journey begins; it’s time to take stock and make sure I haven’t missed anything.

Bike, supplied by Freewheel  Cycle Jasper. Kona Sutra Touring.

Tent and sleeping bag donated by Dave at Wild Mountain, Jaspers North Face store.

Go Pro camera donated by Brenda and family (see Facebook post)endms93 on Facebook

Panniers, gore rain gear, Brooks saddle, bike shoes, bike lights, map bag, safety vest and misc. gear donated by Tourism Jasper.

Flight to Phoenix donated by West Jet Airlines

Pick up in Phoenix, accommodation and delivery to Wickenburg supplied by George Krefting and Brian Hill.

Drive from Jasper to Calgary supplied by Zaff City.

Support, encouragement and last minute massage supplied by Val.

Endms93 logo and poster design donated by Hugh, Mitch and Troy at Tekarra Color Labs.

Video promo courtesy of Dave Baker.

Bike computer donated by Mud Sweat and Gears and Shawnee Wilson

Endms93 buttons donated by Marianne Garrah.

Optic Nerve sun glasses donated by John Macmillan

Endms93 custom monograming donated by Pete and Emilie at Rocky Mountain Monogram.

Accommodation in Kingman supplied by Marlene Larz

Cycling uniform supplied by the MS Society.

Cash donations supplied by loads of people; to see who just click on the Pledge link and read the Honor Role!

Give a way’s (bling) donated by the Municipality of Jasper.

Route 93 shirts donated by Candice at Jasper Motorcycle Tours.

Training hydration, emergency funding and t-shirts donated by Jasper Brewing Company.

First aid kit and toiletries donated by Colleen and Merv (they don’t know it yet)

Marketing and promotion supplied by Tourism Jasper

I think that’s it,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

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